Configuration-Examples for Weather Satellite Receiver  Stations
Note: Receiver WRX-137 is sold-out and replaced by APT-06 / APT-06AD


WeSaCom-B  and WeSaCom-Y (with new receiver APT-06, WRX-137 is no longer available)

Configuration example for weather satellite receiver stations for polar orbiter (NOAA) satellites.  To avoid interference, the antenna should be mounted in some distance from the computer.

The receivers APT-06 / APT-06AD are powered from USB, no extra power supply  needed.  9V DC for the antenna KX-137 or MX-137 is automatically supplied throught the coaxial antenna cable from the receiver. Frequency selection is either manual or automatic, controlled from the PC software.

Weather Satellite Receiver System WRAASE WeSaCom


Portable Weather Satellite Receiver System WRAASE

Anywhere and anytime fresh weather satellite images!

Configuration example of a portable satellite receiver station for NOAA polar orbiter satellites.

The tiny MX-137 with its removable and flexible antenna sticks outperforms many other, much bigger antenna constructions.

The WRX-137 is no longer made and replaced by the USB controlled and powered APT-06


WeSaCom-Systems can be used with most standard PCs or notebook computers under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Windows7, Win10 and others (see Software). 

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