Introduction Weather Satellite Direct Reception  
There may be lots of reasons for acquiring a private weather satellite readout station, but one thing is sure: Only direct reception from satellite delivers accurate and realtime information of the current weather situation anywhere worldwide. It is an important tool  for planning weather depending activities to avoid dangers and damages.  Especially in situations and regions, where other weather information sources fail, direct satellite reception remains a reliable and easy to use tool. Even in cases where weather information is less important,  the breathtaking view from space, which otherwise only astronauts can enjoy, can be reason enough to buy an own weather satellite receiver. Our receivers can operate completely automatically, images can be recorded with no user intervention and viewed or evaluated later.  Nevertheless they also can be viewed in real time during reception.

          From the Greenland Glacier...

    ... over the Alps Mountains...
Greenland Weather Satellite Receiver Image NOAA-APT 137.62 MHz Europae Weather Satellite Receiver Image NOAA-APT 137.50 MHz

... to the Sahara Desert!

All this and much more  you can get from your private weather satellite station. You receive phantastic views of the permanent and often uncalculable athmospheric turbulances. Use your pc or notebook to automatically collect realtime weather satellite images and create your private weather show.
Weather Satellite Receiver Image NOAA

WRAASE / WeSaCom -Systems are operational nearly everywhere in the world. Users are research-vessels, navy-ships, military institutes, weather-, radio- and tv-stations, universities, schools, hobby-meteorologists, mariners, pilots and many more... FS Meteor Weather Satellite Receiver


German Navy's largest vessels use WRAASE weather receiver stations: EGV Frankfurt and Berlin.


WeSaCom Weather Satellite Receiver in EGV

Due to continuous improvement and development and over 25 years of experience in the field of weather satellite direct image reception, WRAASE / WeSaCom systems represent state-of-the-art technology in hard- and software: Technical know-how combined with very high quality standards have created  extremely reliable systems that deliver image details and quality unequalled by many others. Easy-to-use  "Wx-To-Img" software provides many features for detailed and quick image interpretation.
American polar orbiter NOAA-satellites are in low orbits and continuously deliver very sharp weather images all over the world. Because there are always several satellites active, real-time images can be aquired about every 3 to 6 hours. Satellite sensors deliver  visible light as well as infra-red images. Therefore even nighttime satellite-passes  deliver full-scale cloud- and temperature information.  Software options allow automatic creation of  time lapse loop animations of NOAA satellite images. Click here to view a sample avi-file (set your media player to repetition mode).
 No special efforts are necessary to point the antenne: An omni-directional type is sufficient, however special design considerations have to be met to achieve undisturbed reception of full satellite passes. Therefore cheap and simple constructions are not recommended,  in most cases they deliver only frustrating results. 

Get information about current NOAA satellite data:

Weather Satellite Information NOAA

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