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WRAASE electronic, Germany

(The President, Volker Wraase, DL2RZ, is serving the SSTV community since 1972.)

SC-4 & Charly
Receive and transmit high quality color images under Windows 95/98 with full multitasking capability! Don't worry about signal levels or RF-feedback!

General Information
Since the availability of free or low-cost computer programs (like JVFAX), SSTV (Slow-scan-television) has gained much popularity among amateur radio operators around the world. Most of these SSTV programs, however, are old-fashioned DOS-programs, rely on special computer hardware and don't work properly under the Windows environment. Other, more modern approaches run under Windows, but use the soundcard hardware for SSTV signal processing. This approach consumes a large amount of computer resources just for signal decoding which will then be short for other tasks, like image processing or multitasking. Who ever tried to connect a soundcard to a radio station will know, how difficult it is to find the correct levels and impedance and to produce a clear SSTV transmission signal without RF-feedback!

On the other hand, it is very desirable to be able to do sophisticated image processing etc. while receiving and transmitting SSTV, e.g. for preparing other SSTV pictures to be sent next. For this, SC-4 & Charly is the ultimate solution!

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