MX-137  Active VHF-ANTENNA for on-board reception of polar  orbiter weather satellites  

MX-137 Weather Satellite Antenna

 For on-board operation regular full-size satellite antennas are in most cases too large and too weather-sensitive. The MX-137, however, being especially designed for this, has only about half the size with its flexible and very sturdy elements. Due to a built-in very low-noise preamplifier, a high-Q-filter and a well designed matching circuit, reception performance and stability is  nearly equal, sometimes even better than with regular full-size antennas.  DC-power for the preamp is fed through the coaxial from the receiver (WRX-137 or APT-06).  All sensitive components are contained in a  water- and UV-resistant sturdy box, the mast mount is stainless steel only and the connector is a watertight N-type. 

Technical Data

  • Maximum size between the ends of the elements:  48cm
  • Size antenna-box: 13,5cm x 7,5cm x 10,5cm
  • Weight with mastmount: 0,6kg
  • Internal low-noise preamplifier 17 dB gain 
  • Internal Hi-Q-Filter, suppresses unwanted strong signals from the neighborhood.

Our antennas are individually fine-tuned  and tested for perfect satellite reception operation before delivery.   

MX-137 mounted and used on board (Baltic Sea).

Satellite image received with this antenna configuration and the WeSaCom APT-06 receiver.
Weather Satellite Image 
(Reduced definition)

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